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The New Rules to Finding The Career You Love

The Niche Movement: The New Rules for Finding the Career You Love is a book that serves as a platform to help people in their career exploration in an age of limitless social connection. Too often, college graduates and young professionals either assume their dream job doesn't exist or their resume is not good enough to land it. This book shows them that is simply not the case. On the contrary, the problem lies within the conventional approach to career development. The jobs new graduates might love may be with organizations not represented at college career fairs, posted on online job boards, or out of reach. Their resumes may be great, but in today's digital world, your online presence is paramount. Many new graduates need help crafting and developing their digital reputation. The book curates personal stories from author and entrepreneur Kevin O’Connell, outline the new rules to finding the career you love, and includes advice from experts and influencers from around the world who chose not to take the conventional approach. Leading up to the release, the book has garnered press from Buzzfeed, Common Sense Millennial and Money Under 30.