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Keynote Speaking & Training


Social Media & Digital Storytelling

1. The Marketing Disruption: New Rules for Telling Your Organization's Story and Getting Noticed

2. Digital Storytelling for Non-profits, Social Enterprise & Education

3. The 4 “C’s” in Digital Marketing

4.  Social Media & Digital Storytelling Deep Dive - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ads, YouTube, LinkedIn & more

Innovative Career Exploration

1. Power Your Purpose

2. Leveraging Social Media to Find Your Dream Job

3. Career Shift: Find the Work You Love

Leadership & Innovation

1. Leading Change From Any Position

2. Entrepreneurship For Gen Y/Z

3. Rethink Your Next Talk: Presentation & Slide Deck Design

4. Digital Leadership Disruption


Interviewing & Hosting

As a storyteller, content creator, and podcaster, I love the art of asking great questions.
If you are looking for a host for a panel or special event, please get in touch!


Below are some examples of my work as the host for The Niche Movement Fireside Chat series. My job was to get prepped on each guest, welcome the audience, and bridge a connection between our guest’s journey to finding a job they love to tangible career advice the audience could use. It’s all about keeping the room alive and building a chemistry throughout the event.  

Kevin's Resume Includes...


U.S. Department of Commerce

Special American Business Training Program Eurasia Startup Delegate, Digital Storytelling training for Georgian Wine Producers Delegate. International talk with translators.

Virginia Tech

A two-day engagement of a series of 5 sessions, workshops, and a keynote to Student Affairs leadership team, programming, dining services, communications and technology, career development, and upperclassman.


A half day social media and Twitter workshop for World Bank's Consultative Group to Assist the Poor International communication team.


A customized, full day digital storytelling workshop to help Hoganas, an international manufacturing sustainability company, discover their digital voice, create content buckets, and uncover the best ways to tell their story daily. 


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